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Quantitative tightening: a reversal of fortunes?

One of the defining financial strategies of the last 13 years – quantitative easing – is about to go into reverse. The Bank of England will slowly trim its £9 trillion portfolio throughout 2022, but only time…

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Whatever happened to the wealth tax?

A new wealth tax to counter the cost of the Covid-19 pandemic was the talk of the financial pages not so long ago. Now it has disappeared… or has it? 

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New reforms set to simplify divorce in England and Wales

Divorce will become easier thanks to a change in the law from 6 April, but even with a more amicable split, financial advice is still vital. 

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Repayment of student loans: another freeze... and worse

The government is turning the financial screws on student loans and is set to claw back £2.3 billion under the guise of high inflation. These changes pose a significant, and potentially expensive, dilemma for those with…

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Two weeks that shook the world: reacting to Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine has shaken emotions and certainties as the world watch a growing humanitarian disaster. The reactions of global markets, which had misread President Putin’s strategy as much as many politicians,…

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