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2022 investment wrap-up

In 2022, most of the world’s major share indices had their worst year since 2008, but the UK’s FTSE 100 was a star performer.  

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Caught by the additional tax rate taper trap

A growing number of taxpayers are being caught by the personal allowance taper, which will be exacerbated by the reduced additional rate tax threshold of £125,140. With many also questioning why the new threshold is not a…

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Cohabitation law reforms rejected

The government has rejected proposals to modernise cohabitation laws in England and Wales, leaving it up to individuals to arrange their financial affairs for partners and dependents.  

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Investors set to pay more tax

The new Chancellor’s Autumn Statement has increased the tax bill for many investors.

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Your New Year financial checklist

2022 was an eventful year, giving you good reason to think about your financial planning for 2023.

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Looking for alternative Christmas presents?

Why not consider a different kind of gift for your children or grandchildren this Christmas – perhaps one with a financial twist?

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Dissecting inflation: what a difference a year makes

Annual CPI inflation hit 10.1% in September, but that does not mean every price is showing a double-digit increase.

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After the storm: self-employed tax planning

If you are self-employed or work via a company the winding back of many of the proposals in September’s mini-Budget has altered tax planning.

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Gilts get their moment in the limelight

Government bonds, often called gilts, are traditionally dull investments. However, as recent events highlighted, they are an important part of the financial landscape.

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The lessons from the Mini Budget U-turns

The rapid unwinding of most of September’s so-called mini-Budget has important implications.

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