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Higher workplace pension contributions on the way

New legislation has paved the way for important changes to automatic enrolment in workplace pensions.

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A spring Budget cycle will resume shortly

The Chancellor has announced that he will issue an Autumn Statement on 22 November.

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An uncertain future for the Triple Lock

State pension increases could be outpacing inflation next April, and there’s no guarantee that the Triple Lock will survive the next election.

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The case for increasing pension contributions

A new think tank report highlights the need to increase pension contributions.

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Intestacy limit breach delays uplift

“Get a will and keep it up to date” is advice that often appears in the personal finance pages and elsewhere. A recent lapse in concentration from the Ministry of Justice illustrates how important that advice can be.

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Savings rates: don't be caught in the numbers net

National Savings & Investments has launched two top of the savings league table one-year bonds, but the headline rates may not be your net return.

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Time to get real on interest rates

As interest rates continue to rise, we need to consider why.

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So farewell then inheritance tax? Not so fast

Is Downing Street really planning to abolish inheritance tax?

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Capital gains tax on the rise – behind the headlines

Capital gains tax raised £16.7 billion in 2021/22, according to HMRC – a 15% increase over the previous year. But what lies behind these statistics? 

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Deferring your state pension

You do not have to take your state pension at state pension age.

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