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The march of the higher rate taxpayer

New calculations issued alongside the Spring Budget show just how higher rate taxpaying status is becoming ever more common.

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The UK ISA slides into view

One of the many well-trailed announcements in the Spring Budget was the launch of a UK ISA. However, both its arrival and interest may be uncertain.

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The child benefit tax rule changes

One of the few surprises in the Spring Budget was the change affecting how child benefit is taxed for higher earners.

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Out goes hand sanitiser, in comes vinyl...

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has been sorting through its inflation shopping basket.

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Born after 1978? Keep an eye on State Pension age

An independent report suggests that the State Pension age (SPA) should rise much faster than planned.

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25 years of ISAs

Individual Savings Accounts will celebrate their 25th birthday on 6 April 2024.

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How much does retirement cost?

New research has put some surprising numbers on the income needed in retirement.

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Demographics shift to minority married

New data on marriage and civil partnerships shows a significant threshold has been crossed.

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New tax year planning – start early

This new tax year starting on 6 April brings a range of changes that could affect your financial planning.

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Working to 72? The retirement procrastination problem

Recent research on planned retirement ages has produced some unexpected and perhaps unrealistic results.

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