i am...
actually rather well off

Financial advice for those with substantial wealth

  • what is the best way to protect my hard-earned wealth?
  • I am happy to pay tax but not a penny more than I need to, what’s your advice?
  • how would a move abroad affect my finances and UK investments?
  • how can I get instant access to my portfolio online and move between markets at short notice?

It is a fact of life that the wealthier you are the more complex your financial affairs are going to be.

You need expert advice based on up-to-the-minute knowledge of the markets, financial regulations and taxation. And you want a financial adviser that you know and trust.

By combining a LifeLong™ Plus financial plan with a long term relationship with one of our financial planners you can be confident that the wealth you have worked to accumulate is secure and will continue to grow with the maximum efficiency.

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