LifeLong investment tracking and management

Our LifeLong™ Investment Platform allows you to hold, manage, and track all of your investments in one location.


Your personal LifeLong™ Investment Platform can accommodate a comprehensive range of financial instruments and you can access your portfolio securely at any time online to review the current values of your investments as a whole, or within individual tax wrappers.

Using the Homecroft Wealth LifeLong™ Investment Platform allows our financial planners to deliver a truly flexible, superior service that gives you access to a totally independent choice of investment funds from any UK investment fund providers. If appropriate, we can trade on your behalf online at any time.

The LifeLong™ Investment Platform gives us a continually updated overview of your investment portfolio. So if changing circumstances leave you over or under exposed to a particular geographical region or industry sector we can react quickly and effectively to your instructions.

To see how our LifeLong™ Investment Platform will help ensure your investments are working as efficiently as possible click here:

Note: The LifeLong™ Investment Platform is not suitable for everyone. We will only advise you to hold investments on the system after a comprehensive financial review has confirmed that it’s right for you.

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